1)  Free Consultations.  Since this firm started, I have always been firm in my belief that it just simply is not right to charge someone a consultation fee to determine if they need help.  So, free consultations, no strings attached.

2)  No length duration on Consultations.  What’s the point of providing free consultations if you only have 15 minutes to talk about your case?  With this firm’s consultations, feel relaxed and take some time to decompress.  It’s very stressful to speak with attorneys (even if they are the one’s helping you!).  Leave the stress and pressure at the door.

3)  Payment Plans.  Yes, we do payment plans!  Simply put, no one has thousands of dollars put to the side for a rainy day.  I do not believe there is a single person that has such huge sums of money put to the side in case legal matters come up.

4)  Direct phone contact.  What’s worse than hiring an attorney but never having the ability to speak with them?  The most important thing I offer is direct one-on-one contact with myself.  Free calls and texts directly to my cell phone when you need me.

5)  Free phone calls and e-mails?  Yes, I do not bill for e-mails and phone conversations.  Simply put, you should not be counting dollars as you speak with me over the phone.  After all, it’s your case and we are supposed to work together as a team!

6) Flexibility.  Have you ever wanted to schedule a meeting on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at a local coffee shop before you have to take your kids somewhere?  Well, now you can.  One of the biggest misunderstandings is that attorneys do not want to work outside normal business hours.  Not here.  As your attorney, I am fully available when you need and where you need, no questions asked.

7)  Effort.  The only single thing I can promise is working your case to the bone and making sure we are on the same page to get the outcome that you want.

8)  Affordability.  Why pay $7,000.00 for a divorce retainer when you can pay half?  Why pay $2,500.00 simple misdemeanor when you could pay much less?  We get it, lawyers cost money.  But the question is what exactly are you paying for?  When you hire this firm, not only are you retaining an experienced attorney at an affordable price, but you are also getting a transparent billing system where you see exactly where your money is spent!



Mr. Shin was court appointed to my case and he was awesome. No other words could describe him. He went to bat for me since day one and hasn’t stopped. We meet on a number of occasions, he kept me informed, was always available for me and if not he didn’t keep me waiting long, and if I had a question he had an answer or he would get me an answer. He also helped me with some issues with my husband. I think the world of Mr. Shin he...

Child Abuse

I was introduced to Mr. Shin by one of the partners in his firm. From the first meeting I had no doubt that he was the attorney that I wanted to work with. Mr. Shin took the time to go the extra mile on every task that my case required. He met with and had a great understanding of the perspectives everyone involved in my case would be speaking from. Knowing these perspectives allowed him to prepare himself and most important prepare me for anything that could happen. Having this...
E. Smith
E. Smith

Fraud Client

Retained Mr. Shin for a legal matter. He interviewed me and immediately put me at ease with his professionalism, response time and technical command of the current case law in the Commonwealth. Great advocate in the court room as well. He worked to settle my case in two court visits. Great lawyer would be an understatement.
R. Parker
R. Parker

Insurance Client