Wills are critical in making sure that loved ones understand how to distribute the assets of a Testator’s Estate. In order to determine what type of will is best for you, feel free to contact Anthony for a FREE consultation.

Key Terminology

Testator - Individual who writes a will
Executor - Individual that is appointed by the Testator (in the will) to distribute the estate assets when the Testator passes away
Beneficiary - Individual(s) who receive assets of the Testator's estate
Intestate - Passing away without a will
Testate - Passing away with a will
Trustee - Individual that receives assets from a trust

What is a Will?

A writing that is signed by a Testator in the presence of two witnesses. It is essentially an instruction manual for how the Testator's assets are to be distributed when the Testator passes away.

Why do I need Witnesses?

Witnesses are required under the Virginia Code in order to execute a will. Without witnesses, a will is not valid.

Do I have to File the Will?

In Virginia, you are not required to file a will anywhere. It is necessary, however, to keep an original copy of your will in a place where the Executor can find it.

What if I want to Change it?

You may change a will at any time. If you create a 2nd will, the 2nd one will take precedent over the 1st will.